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    Interview with the founder of the aesthetic clinic

    Dermatologist and founder of the Esthetic Medicine Clinic, MUDr. Alexandra Rozborilová, PhD, talks about whether aesthetic medicine is only for the rich, what myths “plastic surgery” fights and how to maintain a youthful appearance in the long term.

    How to maintain a youthful appearance for as long as possible?

    Knowing the causes of ageing is important for maintaining youthfulness. According to recent research, ageing is caused by the “switching off” of longevity genes, which are responsible for activating survival mechanisms in adverse conditions. When threatened, these genes force the rest of the system to tighten up and conserve. In the prevention of aging, we can already stimulate the enzymes sitin, AMP kinase (AMPK) and the TOR protein complex by certain measures.

    So if we induce unfavourable conditions correctly – for example, by intermittent fasting, temperature extremes such as sauna or hardening, physical activity such as intensive speed training – we can act directly on the cause. However, let’s also talk about unfavourable factors such as smoking, overeating, carbohydrates, salt, alcohol, too much sunbathing or stress and working in front of the computer. There is much more, but we don’t know everything yet.

    Which myths do you debunk most often in the clinic?

    “I don’t want to have a duck’s beak” and “I don’t want it to change me” are regularly heard in our house. Both are perfectly understandable. Unfortunately, society usually judges and recognizes interventions done in an exaggerated way and then presented in public. In doing so, people undergo aesthetic procedures without their immediate surroundings knowing about it.

    However, some people have a need to present themselves with the procedures and therefore require that they be done in such a way that the intervention is visible at a glance. For example, it is also a common myth that liposuction will help an obese person. Not true.

    What aesthetic medicine services are most popular among Slovak women?

    Preventive procedures, botox, fillers, laser treatments. In the field of surgery, there is a great interest in eyelid surgery, classic breast surgery and in older age lifting.

    Which service is the most popular in the 28-35 age group?

    Botox, I think. It is a worldwide bestseller. The price/risk/effect ratio has not yet been surpassed by anything.

    How much time does Botox take compared to other procedures?

    As far as Botox is concerned, it is a procedure that can also be performed, for example, during a lunch break. For example, a cap procedure requires 7 days of withdrawal from public space, a facelift a minimum of 10.

    Are there procedures in aesthetic medicine that men are also interested in?

    Sure, it’s mainly about hair transplants.

    People reportedly lose facial expressions after facial surgery. Is it really so?

    Everything can be exaggerated. Even a procedure to remove a facial habit can be overdone in such a way that it suppresses the natural appearance. Any medicine can be a poison. It depends on the dose.

    What complications can occur during the healing process and how can they be avoided?

    You wouldn’t believe that even in this area we are seeing the application of fakes bought on the internet, applied by untrained people. Every procedure carries risks that can be minimized by maintaining sterility during the procedure, proper technique, use of certified materials and proper home treatment.

    They say that aesthetic medicine is expensive. Is it only for the rich?

    It’s certainly not for people who don’t have money. I assume they are dealing with other things than aesthetic medicine. The trend nowadays is to combine a number of smaller interventions that can be spread over a longer time frame. If something is neglected, even a full wallet won’t help. This is an idealistic notion.

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