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    We are most beautiful after thirty, but our beauty is in great danger

    Do you know at what age a woman is most beautiful? Scientists have found that exactly when he turns 31. Birthday.

    At this age, she has already had a tumultuous youth, pubescent and post-pubescent experiments with her appearance, and usually has a fairly decent job, a steady income, and a steady partner. This relatively quiet period is said to reflect positively on her appearance.

    But nothing is free, unfortunately, and nothing lasts forever. Nor beauty. And to make it last as long as possible, we need to take care of ourselves. Even more than ever. We have challenging years ahead of us. After the thirtieth year, according to psychologists, one of the most challenging stages in a woman’s life occurs – a turbulent career, pregnancies, childcare, household care, various family worries and, let’s not kid ourselves, problems in partner cohabitation.

    Stressful periods affect our nutrition – we shop at fast food to get everything done, cook from semi-finished products, lack vitamins, lack sleep, deal with stress with cigarettes and alcohol and chase our youth at company parties. Still think that skin care at this age is not important? How is it different from care at other times? After all, every skin wants its own, whether it’s the skin of a newborn baby or the skin of a more mature lady. Yes, that is certainly true, but after the thirtieth year, there is one big twist …

    … our skin is starting to age. Our skin is between 30. to 40. year, the most burdened and gradually ceases to cope with the pressure of hectic life. If we don’t take care of it, we will soon see the first signs of natural ageing. Hormone levels are reduced in the skin, which has a positive effect on firmness, regeneration and elasticity. The skin regenerates much more slowly, old cells are less easily shed, our skin sags, becomes flabby, wrinkled and thinner. In addition to hormones, this condition also significantly affects the lymphatic system, which affects the metabolism and respiration of the skin. The skin undergoes a radical remodelling during this period, when collagen changes its arrangement and when both sebum and sweat diminish.

    Can this be prevented at all? Of course, the ideal would be to go to the gym several times a week and exercise otherwise at least twice a week, go to wellness centers regularly, and also enjoy at least once a month at a beauty salon.

    But who has the time and money for all this? But the fact is that you simply can’t do without quality care. So if you want to prevent, or at least slow down, the premature ageing of your skin, you need to do something about it. If you want to put the brakes on ageing as much as possible, it’s important to start the fight before it starts to happen. “In addition to regular cleansing by a professional aesthetician and the use of special creams that have a proven effect on smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and supplying your skin with nutrients, you can help your skin with a good lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle. Many ladies who come to us are desperate because they have tried many branded cosmetics and nothing has helped them.

    At our clinic, we have a simple solution for them – computer skin analysis. She can pinpoint exactly where their skin is deficient and what potential risks they face, so we can offer the ideal therapy to the client,”

    explains well-known dermatologist MUDr. Alexandra Rozborilová, PhD.

    Skin – a mirror to the soul The state of our skin reveals a lot about us. It is not for nothing that it is said to be the mirror of our soul. If you don’t relax enough, rest enough, sleep enough, it will show on your skin immediately. Bad psyche and bad skin are really very closely related to each other. You don’t believe? “Try to look around and notice the faces of those who are eternally cheerful and optimistic. Their face usually has a healthy pink coloration, and if they have any wrinkles, it’s mostly from laughing, which most of us find sympathetic. So if you want to stay young as long as possible, in addition to quality care, don’t forget to smile and at least occasionally put your worries behind you,” recommends MUDr. Rozborilova.

    AUTHOR: clinic Esthetic