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    Silicone breasts men like. Umelá krása ich už neodrádza

    According to the latest STEM/MARK survey, nine out of ten men admit to looking at women’s cleavage in public. Men are attracted to charming breasts, which is why women want them to be as perfect as possible. Just what are those “perfect breasts”? There is probably no woman who is absolutely satisfied with her breasts. The one with small breasts wants big breasts, and the one with big breasts wants small breasts.

    Moreover, even men’s tastes vary from the size of cherries to melons. Some even claim that they like small breasts or that they don’t care about the size of a woman’s breasts. But what if men just lie to women with small breasts, just like women lie to men about the size of their bodies? After all, the fact that men prefer plump cleavage is also confirmed by the aforementioned STEM / MARK survey, in which 53 percent of 500 men said they would like a larger bust in their partner.

    Probably everyone, women and men alike, can at least agree that the most beautiful breasts are firm. However, time and also gravity are inexorable against the firmness of the bust. Women, in short, are under pressure. Constant measuring leads to complexes, which is the main reason they end up coming to see a plastic surgeon. “The absolute majority of ladies are brought to us by the desire to strengthen their self-confidence and increase their own attractiveness,” confirms MUDr. Alexandra Rozborilová, PhD.

    “Women’s breasts have always been a symbol of beauty and femininity. Therefore, it is not surprising that their size greatly affects the psyche of a woman in the event that, in her opinion, or in the opinion of those around her, a certain deviation occurs. At the same time, the breast is one of the most important sexual and erogenous parts of the female body,” adds Dr Rozborilová.

    In the UK, a recent survey asked thousands of young ladies whether they would prefer bigger breasts or a higher IQ. Almost half of the respondents would prefer larger breasts. It is logical in a way, since reproduction is the main mission that nature has given to women. To accomplish this goal, breast pumps are definitely a more practical aid than even the sharpest judgment.

    Silicone breasts are slowly becoming a normal part of our lives in an age where we all crave beauty. Perhaps it’s only a matter of time before surgically altered firm breasts are as commonplace for every woman as eyelash highlights or shaved legs are today.

    Aesthetic surgery has more and more fans. While fifteen years ago most people rejected breast augmentation, today the opposite is true. Among the men surveyed, 80 percent agreed with silicones. The number of conservative men who like purely natural breasts is rapidly decreasing. Only 20 per cent of respondents were strongly opposed to plastic surgery on their partner.

    The survey revealed a surprising finding: far from being a negligible handful, the number of men who prefer to have their breasts altered by a plastic surgeon is now a full one-third. The other third are comfortable with both natural and silicone breasts, and only one-third of respondents prefer natural.

    AUTHOR: clinic Esthetic