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    Kveta Kopecká Registered Nurse

    President of the Laser Therapy Society warns, “It doesn’t pay to compromise when it comes to laser treatments!”

    PRESS RELEASE, 4. November 2013

    Today in medicine we encounter many procedures using different types of lasers. There is no one-size-fits-all for all health problems; the different types differ mainly in the intensity of the radiation. Laser is a great achievement of modern science and an excellent tool that can help patients with various problems. Its photochemical and biostimulating effects help to heal inflammation faster, reduce scars, or remove unwanted neoplasms. In aesthetic medicine, it is successfully used to remove acne, pigmentation, enlarged blood vessels, fungal diseases, unwanted body hair and even effectively removes tattoos and permanent make-up.

    However, as Alexandra Novotná, MD, PhD, President of the Slovak Laser Therapy Society and owner of the Esthetic Clinic points out, “Just as laser can help, it can also hurt. First-class certified lasers, which are not a cheap affair, are used by quality medical centers with professionally trained staff. However, inexpensive versions are now commonly available on the market, imported in bulk, especially from China. And it is these that many workplaces are reaching for in the interest of saving money. Combined with unqualified staff, such a laser can cause irreversible damage to a patient or client’s health.”

    At best, a poor quality laser has no effect and results in wasted money for the procedure. However, it is often the case that skin burns and sometimes even retinal burns and blindness occur in the eye areas as a result of its use. Therefore, people should not take any risks and carefully consider which clinic they choose for laser treatment.

    So how can people tell whether or not a laser is safe? Expert MUDr. Novotná recommends, “Any laser procedure should be performed only in a medical facility where the laser is operated by a licensed physician and nurses are present. The equipment must meet the permission for the use of lasers from the VUC, the relevant department of sanitation and of course the device itself should be certified.”

    Laser surgery, although it may not seem like it at first glance, is no simple matter. It requires the expert approach of professionals and cutting-edge technology. In this case, it is also true that it is good not to make compromises for the sake of your own health and to choose only the best from what the market offers.