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    Kveta Kopecká Registered Nurse

    Draculotherapy | plasma therapy

    We work with the best in plasma therapy. We use the finest aesthetic medicine techniques in our own blood plasma treatment. Wrinkle treatment with your own enriched plasma is a simple, effective method to smooth wrinkles and jump-start collagen production in sagging skin, but unless you use the highest quality medical devices on the market, it’s not as effective. However, we only work with the best at the clinic, so you choose the highest and thus most effective quality for yourself with our plasma therapy. Autologous platelet-rich plasma can only be referred to as PRP (platelet rich plasma) when the platelet content is greater than 50% according to FDA standards. Platelets are the essential component of blood plasma that guarantees the desired effect thanks to growth factors. It is not easy to separate them perfectly from the other blood components (red and white blood cells) due to their similar volume and weight. Although there are several methods of preparation, some of them damage the platelets and most of them are then ineffective because the plasma obtained carries a minimal amount of platelets in it. That’s why we work with Regen Lab, which uses a patented separation gel in its tubes that can filter out other blood components but retain platelets. Based on studies, it guarantees 80% of active platelets in the plasma obtained and even alpha granules. The platelets thus remain trapped on the special thixotropic gel and on the walls of the tube, and by rotating the tube several times, they are released back into the volume of the recovered blood plasma to form A-PRP at the optimum concentration. Regen Lab’s test tubes fall under category IIb, medical devices, according to the European regulation 93/42/EEC. They are therefore designed to inject the extracted material back into the human, unlike IVD tubes. The tubes are made of glass, which provides an ideal environment for platelet survival. IVD (in vitro diagnostic) tubes are designed, by name, only to draw blood for the purpose of the test and are made of plastic. They are not subject to as strict criteria as Class IIb medical devices. It is illegal to prepare PRP in IVD tubes for further in vivo application. Maintaining a closed system of preparation is also important from the point of view of sterility. Regen Lab, with whom we work at Esthetic Clinic, uses the Vacutainer system, where the vacuum tube is opened during the entire preparation. The advantage of this system is also that the process is unified, so anyone can prepare the resulting material with the same quality. Last but not least, certifications that confirm the correct manufacturing or sterilization process of the tubes are essential. The production of Regen Lab products is in GMP conditions standard for the production of pharmaceuticals, all ISO standards are followed and the tubes themselves are certified. Regen Lab is one of the few companies that has received certification for its products across continents – America (FDA), Europe (CE), but also Asia and Australia. The company is also the only company in the world that allows for the certified combination of PRP with hyaluronic acid in a closed system in just one step, because the acid is directly part of the vacuum tube into which the blood is drawn for the preparation of PRP. The Cellular Matrix product we use is even a patented world unique.