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  • Mgr. Eva Blahútová editor in chief, EMMA magazine

    Since I am very conservative, when I find something that suits me I stick to it. I have been visiting Esthetic clinic for years and I was always satisfied. Proffessional attitude, great team of doctors and the latest methods from the beauty industry mastered 100 % are a guarantee that I can rely on the team around MUDr Sandra Rozborilova any time. My regular visit for a facial feels like visiting a friend due to the warm and welcoming attitude and skill of nurse Janka.

  • Miriam Kalisová, television presenter of TV Markiza

    I like that I can just come here and the team of professionals will check and recommend custom procedures suitable for my skin type and procedures which are worth postponing if planned. There are a few places like this where they try to use the least invasive procedures and do maximum for prolonging the time without any radical treatments. The ambience is home like and I just love the creams from Dr Sandra line. Thank you

  • Mgr. Nora Hamar reporter of TV JOJ

    I have been loyal to Esthetic clinic since I first began working for TV JOJ which was already several years ago. The ambience here is always pleasant and the personel is highly professional, doctors and nurses. MUDr Sandra Rozborilova is a top expert always a step ahead and at the same time an amazing and positive person which makes me look forward to my every visit. I absolutely recommend Vela Shape III as well as Dr. Sandra cosmetic line.

  • Mirka P. Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales Representative – La Roche Posay

    I come to the clinic regularly, mostly for business. I am always met with positive energy and pleasant atmosphere which together with professional attitude creates ideal environmnet for relaxing as well as professional care. I have been treated at the clinic for skin lesions, keloid scars removal. I have tried relaxing cosmetic treatmest as well as Aquafacail. I alwas leave totally satisfied with a feeling that my time and money was well spent. I am happy to be a client of such well-coordinated, sympathic and professional team, always willing to help, advise and find the best solution for you.