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    Hairs and tattoos, a problem that can be eliminated

    Tattoo – how to get rid of it?
    The dermatologist MUDr. Alexandra Novotná, PhD. “It’s a fairly common procedure, although unlike in Western countries where tattooing is more of an ‘out’ procedure, the tattoo era still persists here,” he points out. “It is an outpatient procedure, it is done with a very high quality laser and needs to be repeated two or three times. It depends on the intensity and colour of the tattoo,” says Novotná. “The laser pulses reach the tattoo pigment through the upper part of the skin, then it is shot and the pigment is then absorbed and expelled from the body through defence mechanisms and lymph,” explains the expert.

    Does it hurt?
    The procedure is minimally painful, no more so than the tattoo itself.

    What can be removed?
    Permanent eye makeup.

    Get rid of hair by summer!
    Before you hit the water, get your body ready for your swimsuit. Now is the time. If the skin is not yet tanned, dark hairs can easily be removed with a laser. The procedure is not painful. “The laser light seeks out the hair bulb, so the hair must be dark. Pale laser doesn’t catch. Hairs that are in the growth phase are removed and the removal is permanent. But to achieve this effect, the laser must seek out hairs that are in the germ cell multiplication phase. The number of such cases is approximately 30 percent, therefore the procedure needs to be repeated three or four times,” explains dermatologist MUDr. Alexandra Novotná, PhD..

    Can you make it through the year?
    It is because of the necessary repeat procedure that some clients postpone the procedure to the autumn or winter months. However, you can also start now, you will have two more sessions before the summer, and then you will have another treatment after the summer. The spacing of such interventions is individual, depending on what part of the body is involved. “It’s about four weeks for the face, eight weeks for the body and twelve weeks for the legs,” says Dr Novotná.

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