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    Dermatologist advises how to get rid of pigment spots, scars and dilated blood vessels

    Pigment spots, wrinkles, acne scars or dilated blood vessels on the legs are a problem not only for women, but also for men. If you are wondering how to get rid of them, we are advised by doctor Alexandra Rozborilová. In addition to being an expert in laser medicine, she also holds the position of President of the Slovak Laser Therapy Society within the Slovak Medical Society. He will share with us the findings on laser medicine presented at the last AMWC World Congress in Monaco.

    1. Where to start? Proper diagnosis Fortunately, we live in an age where modern medicine can work wonders when done correctly. We are each different, and therefore adequate diagnosis is important. The most modern clinics today use computer analysis, which can very accurately determine ways to eliminate imperfections.

    Expert and doctor MUDr. Alexandra Rozborilová, PhD. advises: “We use a number of modalities that visibly help to eliminate skin imperfections with the right therapy – this is key. A very popular method is laser medicine, which in a short time painlessly and effectively eliminates imperfections such as pigment spots, dilated blood vessels or even scars.”

    2. Say goodbye to the signs of ageing in the form of skin pigmentation Unsightly pigment spots are caused by the natural ageing of the skin, but excessive sun exposure and inadequate protection from UV rays contribute greatly to their formation. Just add to that a fast lifestyle, lack of hydration or stress and our skin will age by a few years. Dermatovenerologist Alexandra Rozborilova explains that “the removal of pigment spots with intense pulsed light is itself a state-of-the-art technique. It is a highly effective method that takes only a few minutes, is gentle and does not burn the skin.” Within a month of the procedure, the affected areas will fade and the depth, and intensity of the pigmentation will determine the number of recurrences.

    These unaesthetic spots can also be caused by the use of hormonal contraceptives, during pregnancy, age or increased levels of the female sex hormone – estrogen. There may be several causes, each case is assessed individually with emphasis on individual needs, but the results can be seen in a short time.

    3. Get rid of scars once and for all Whether we take care of our face regularly or are among the lucky ones who have been given less problematic skin, wrinkles and scars are not entirely unavoidable. The skin on the face is very delicate, sensitive and prone to imperfections. Through ageing, strain, facial expressions or lack of hydration, we naturally develop wrinkles. Of course, after surgical procedures, accidents or other problems, we may be left with unsightly scars on our body, but on our face, for example, we may be left with acne scars. Fortunately, we live in the 21st century. century, when it is possible to work with it successfully.

    “The latest safe and highly effective CO2 Laser methods provide a solution for many of us. It can remove even old scars. The secret lies in a technique that penetrates 2-3 mm deep into the skin and stimulates the natural production of collagen, resulting in skin shrinkage, smoothing and restoring elasticity,” says Alexandra Rozborilová, an expert in aesthetic medicine and owner of the Esthetic Clinic.

    Results after the procedure – removal of acne scars and wrinkles with CO2 laser. | Source: archive of MUDr. Alexandra Rozborilova, PhD. / Esthetic

    The therapy itself takes about an hour and the result is visible after a week. The advantage is that with proper care, the effect lasts for several years. Of course, the most important thing is the correct determination of therapy, which takes place right at the initial diagnosis. There are several methods to effectively eliminate individual skin problems.

    4. Extended coils will be a thing of the past Do you suffer from cracked and enlarged coils on your face, legs and body? This problem can be solved easily and painlessly. The ND YAG Laser is the most advanced aid in the fight against problematic coils, even vascular deposits.

    The therapy takes place over a few minutes, when the laser light reaches below the surface of the skin, where it seals the blood vessels by acting on the blood dye, which then breaks down and disappears. In most cases, several repetitions of this procedure are recommended to achieve a better result, because in this case the effect of the laser is gradual.

    The full interview with Dr. Alexandra Rozborilova can be found here.